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Norman Rockwell in the House!!!

Norman Rockwell in the House!!!

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Watercolor Was His Gateway

I think every one of us loves Norman Rockwell’s illustrations, whether it is a little bit or a lot. My favorite has always been The Gossips. (Yes, another weird arty habit of mine—at any one time my wallet will have a few pictures of inspiring art that I shove in there to look at during random times.) But I had no idea that Rockwell made watercolor paintings.

Rockwell did most of his magazine commissions in oil, although he did in fact submit several watercolor paintings to the Saturday Evening Post for publication. He often used watercolors to create sketches and quick studies for his commercial illustrations. He’d work out his ideas by painting watercolors that allowed him to explore color options, composition, and other concerns that he’d finalize in the work that would actually get into print.

Being a proponent of working from life with a model, Rockwell’s use of watercolor isn’t such a surprise. He would have been able to get tons of working sketches that explore an idea in various ways, and then gather those around him when composing the final work in his studio.

Watercolor painting was a gateway for Rockwell’s work, but he also used it when traveling to depict scenes, architecture, landscapes, and incidents that caught his attention. Usually painted in his sketchbook and not meant for publication, these works show a freer hand than what we’ve come to know of Rockwell. They border on impressionistic and don’t have as much detail in them as his illustrations.

Rockwell’s watercolor paintings allowed him to work differently, and that is what makes a lasting impression on me. Watercolor is able to give so much to an artist if they seize the opportunity, as Rockwell did. Knowing this is just another reason I am excited to present the Paul Jackson Watercolor Workshop Collection. The DVD instruction you’ll find from this artist covers all the exciting areas of watercolor–from painting sunsets to nighttime colors to the illusion of glass. Artistically speaking, Paul hits all the high notes! Start your next watercolor with these guides to back you up and you are in for great sessions of painting. Enjoy!

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