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Online Gallery: Ink Drawings by Ben Tolman

In the spring 2016 issue of Drawing, we feature Ben Tolman as our New and Notable artist. Tolman’s ink drawings are painstakingly detailed, and they portray city life as both disorderly and structured. The interplay between reality and fantasy often makes its way into his pieces, which incorporate such elements as a crumbling complex full of zoo animals and an office building occupied by nude figures.
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Artist Profiles

When Everything Goes Right

Annie Strack On Where Her Masterpieces Come FromThere is no better feeling than when everything falls into place. With artistic and creative pursuits that feeling can feel particularly sweet — especially if the journey has had a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns. Here, watercolor artist Annie Strack discusses how it feels when everything goes right and how you get there.
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A Forgotten Impressionist

What You Don’t Know about ImpressionismHundreds of artists frequented Giverny during the time that Monet maintained his studio and residence there during the height of Impressionism. Some were good friends with the famous Impressionist. Some were hoping to meet him and perhaps learn from and paint with him.
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Your Art Career

Keeping Track of Business: Benefits of an Art Database

If you are a working artist, you know how much time and effort goes into keeping track of all the info on your pieces. In this article by Daniel Grant, learn the ins and outs of collections management databases for artists, and start managing your studio like a boss.21st Century BookkeepingThe 17th century Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer only produced 30 or so paintings during his entire career.
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Techniques and Tips

A Painting Technique Thats Outside the BoxEr, Brush

Want Texture? Seek Unconventional ToolsBreaking out of a painting rut sometimes requires a little more oomph than just adding another color to your palette or going from a still life to a figure painting. Sometimes your whole process needs an overhaul.A few years ago, artist Francis Di Fronzo took a fairly drastic measure to take his work to a new level.
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How to Start

How to Paint a Watercolor Floral Still Life Step-by-Step

A simple floral arrangement can be the perfect subject for beginner still lifes. by Janet WalshWith many years of experience as a watercolor instructor and artist, I have developed a simplified approach to painting flowers in watercolor.In this article, I have divided the approach into two segments. The first half focuses on exploring and developing confidence in drawing and painting the different shapes, colors, and individuality of each flower.
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